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Located right next to the capital region, Sipoo offers travelers spectacular nature and diverse recreational opportunities. You can hike along the marked trails in the hardwood forest in Sipoonkorpi National Park, cycle on the dense local road network, or enjoy the rural landscape as you go paddling along the Sipoo River - all just half an hours drive from Helsinki. Guided tours are available via Porvoo Tours.

  • Population about 20 000.
  • Main population centers: Nikkilä and Söderkulla.
  • Contact information: Municipality of Sipoo, phone + 358 9 235 31

A wolf adorns the Sipoo coat of arms. References to the Sipoo wolf date back to the 1700s. The name is believed to derive from either Viking wolf hunters or a particular wolf that once roamed the area.

According to an old folktale, Vikings built the ancient Sibbesborg castle at the mouth of the Sipoo River. However, it seems much more likely that it was built by Danish Crusaders. The man in power may have been called Sibb or Sibbaa, from which the municipality later tooks its name. The ruins of the surrounding walls are all that remain of the fortifications.

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Part of Helsinki Ring of Industry

Sipoo is a part of Helsinki Ring of Industry which is one the best locations for asset-seeking investment in the EU. The turnover of technology industry in the region is over 25 billion €, from which a large portion is international business.

Main operating costs (labor and taxes) of a regional HQ in the area are far lower than many North European capitals. In addition, Finland boasts one of the best-educated workforces and nearly 30 percent of all degrees awarded in Finland come from natural science (STEM) programs.

Read more about Helsinki Ring of Industry here: https://www.industryhelsinki.fi/.

Last modified 30.03.2020

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